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 Application Template

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PostSubject: Application Template   Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:17 pm

When applying to the clan, please copy this template and fill in the blanks in a new topic.

Who is your main character and what is his/her level?

How old are you?

What other characters do you have and what level are they?

Do you have spawners, what level?

What clans have you been in, and why did/do you leave them?

Why do you want to join Digital Corruption?

What can you bring to the clan?

Do you agree with the Clan Rules?

Do you know anyone in the clan that can vouch for you?

Anything else you want to say on your application?

Also we do have a trial period for DC and if you can not wait the week that it takes to see if you will fit in to our family please dont apply...
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Application Template
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